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  1. Comrade Fist said


    I discovered you because MRZine posted your wordpress version of “To Destroy Sexuality.” I was not aware of Guy Hocquenghem, but was very impressed by this piece. My approach to queer struggle is rather similar. I wrote the following piece a few months ago with the intent of submitting it to a zine, but didn’t find the right one. If you are interested in doing anything with this, you are welcome to. Actually, I probably need to revise it a bit, but this gist is there. Let me know if you’ve got a place to stick it.


    Comrade Fist

    What is the Duration of Now?


    Why Today’s Man Needs to Get Fucked

    There is an old Zen saying about—wait, let’s start somewhere else…

    Today’s man needs to be penetrated, “sexually” and otherwise. This is because the potential of the whole human species (nay, of the whole planet) is being limited by patriarchal forms of society, which are everywhere entrenched, though the foundations may be more unstable than at any other time in historical or mythological memory.

    Patriarchy is one basis of class and caste society. It is a root of authoritarianism of all kinds, of racism, of homophobia, of militarism and of the destruction of the natural environment. Our long term survival is partly dependent upon the fate of patriarchy. Patriarchy must go, and one component of this process is that those people who are currently understood as “men” must learn to be penetrated.

    I’m talking about being penetrated emotionally, being open to connection with others and with the larger reality which we tend to understand and experience as separate from ourselves. The things which typically keep us from relating in these more integral ways are fundamental components of patriarchy, such as aggression and the obsession with control.

    You know what I’m talking about: people (and unfortunately not just men) living their lives pretending to be invulnerable, never feeling good enough or complete and therefore trying to appear larger than life.

    I’m not suggesting that we should give in to fits of tears every time life throws something at us, any more than I’m saying that we should give up our obsession with control to the point of giving up trying to transform our circumstances. Strength and striving are not in themselves bad. But why waste so much energy trying to keep up a charade of invulnerability that is actually making us all the more vulnerable (i.e., blinding us to human-created threats to our very survival)? Such a waste of energy is a bit like the United States spending trillions of dollars on imperialist wars when millions of its own people do not have adequate health care and its infant mortality rate is higher than that of Cuba and Hungary, while tying with Poland and Slovakia! The point is that we could be doing more productive and fulfilling things with our personal energy, just as we, as a society, could be doing more productive and fulfilling things with our wealth.

    Let’s drop patriarchy, that is, forms of society that are male-identified, male-dominated and male-centered, but which ultimately limit everyone’s potential. Can we dream, think and reach beyond it?

    There are various strategies for undermining patriarchy available to everyone. You just have to figure out which ones are available to you. Ask, “What strategic positions do I occupy, enabling me to affect change? Who can I work with to affect change?” (Of course, these questions should not just be asked in regard to patriarchy, but in relation to all systems of domination.)

    As I alluded to before, learning to be penetrated is one of the steps that men must take in order to destabilize patriarchy. We can make progress in this direction by being penetrated physically, that is, in the anus.

    The practice of anal penetration can serve as a tool in our attack on patriarchy because—in its patriarchal form—sexual penetration bears so much meaning. It is a symbol of and an instrument in men’s oppression of women. Men’s avoidance of being physically penetrated—even though it can give them immense pleasure—is symptomatic of the fear of penetration generally, because of its association with what has been designated, abjected, as the “feminine.” And yet I say: If all men would just get fucked in the ass every once in a while, the world might indeed be a better place.

    Some gay and bi-identified and/or societally-labeled gay and bi men (as well as some straight-identified and/or societally-labeled straight men) already allow themselves to be penetrated anally, and they quite enjoy it. They should speak up loudly and be heard.

    Men who don’t already allow themselves to be penetrated should relax and surrender to the void. It’s not as scary as it has been made out to be; in fact, you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t do it before. There’s nothing inherently “masculine” or “feminine”—active or passive—about fucking and being fucked (even though I’m still using the metaphysical language of activity and passivity here). These are just conceptual boxes which we use in an attempt to contain the amorphous goo that is human experience, thereby reinforcing existing relations of power.

    If you’ve never done it before, get someone with a strap-on, an anatomical penis, a finger or a tongue to explore your delicate hole (in fact try all of these if possible). You’ll thank yourself as well as your partner(s) afterwards and perhaps during. Or maybe you’d rather start exploring on your own. What’s important is that you do SOMETHING. “Make it new!” as the poet Ezra Pound used to say.

    Perhaps you’ll find the following instructions useful for starters. The author also highly recommends combining these and other erotic activities with cannabis ingestion, though that is certainly not required.

    1. Begin by lying in a comfortable place and in a comfortable position.

    2. Take off your clothes and lightly touch your balls and perineum (the area between the anus and scrotum).

    3. Breathe rhythmically, deeply and at a slow pace.

    4. Then take a finger and gently trace circles around your anus.

    5. Lube your finger and continue encircling your anus, and then press softly against it—rhythmically.

    6. Apply more lube along the full extent of the finger and, when the sphincter is most relaxed, push into your anus.

    7. Hold the finger still inside your anus. Leave it in there like that for as long as you like, noting the sensations.

    8. When you’ve had enough of that, curl your finger upwards while still keeping it inside your anus, in the direction of your navel (as though you are indicating for someone to come towards you). You will feel a lump. This is your prostate, which when stimulated gives great pleasure.

    Once you’ve gotten to this point I’m sure you’ll think of things to do, so I needn’t give any more instructions here. You are well on your way towards fuller, more creative uses of your body which could help undermine existing sexual and gender regimes.

    If men learn to be penetrated, and we all take other steps to challenge patriarchy, what will happen? What will we become? I cannot be sure, but it is an uncertain future that we must all embrace anyway. We don’t know whether we will turn out to be successful in making the future better, though it still makes sense to fight against things which we know are harming us now. Trying to shape change is the only approach that could possibly yield a better future; doing nothing means certain death (mine is an essentially Pascalian stance). We must recognize this even as we must be careful to avoid the obsession with control which is fundamental to patriarchy.

    When it comes to the sexual dimension of revolutionary praxis, I like to think in terms of the new sexuality. This is a phrase that was used boldly in the first half of the 20th Century by the English occultist Austin Osman Spare. With his enigmatic writing style, I’m not sure I understand precisely what he meant, though maybe that’s the point. The phrase—ambiguous, suggestive and even eldritch—induces my mind to wander, to imagine possibilities that lay just beyond our current reach. Some of these fantasies are utopian, others more “empirically-based” while some are wholly other. But since, as the psychoanalysts Slavoj Zizek and Jacques Lacan have suggested, it is in our fantasies that our desires are constituted, we might surmise that these fantasies are impetuses to action that can transform our world in unpredictable ways. Why not risk a new dream? Why not undertake the heroic quest of for a new ars erotica?

    “Out of the past commeth this NEW thing.” Austin Osman Spare, The Focus of Life

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