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December 2, 2010

We find ourselves slightly surprised upon recognition of a seemingly unsurprising, even obvious fact: that this tour is coming to a close– in other words, that time has been happening. And we are surprised at our surprise. Surely we did not imagine that this extended road trip would mystically constitute an imposition against capitalist temporality? And yet we are surprised. Those of you who have seen our talks are hereby invited to respond to the following Test Questions. Extra credit will not be given for smart-ass answers, but there may be some kind of prize for “thoughtful” replies. (For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, let these questions serve as very flirtatious teasers, and an impetus to seek out copies of our book.)

1. Re-creationism, what is it? Explain the differences between creationism and re-creationism.

2. What are some examples of re-creationism in the lectures on feminism and music?

3. How could Schoenberg & Adorno’s concepts of musical atonality and dissonance be applied to the practices of everyday life?

4. Human strike, what is it? Give at least one example from each lecture.

5. Define the term whatever.

6. True or False: anti-social violence is a form of human strike. Explain your reasoning.

7. Explain the difference between genderqueer and genderqueer-ism.

8. True or False: music contains a black hole.

9. Explain the validity, if any, of nihilism in contrast with anarchism, communism, and democracy.

10. What do these lectures have to do with queerness? Give at least 5 examples.

11. Is the glory hole a black hole? Extra points given for examples from your own experience.

12. Does sub space constitute bare life? Extra points given for examples from your own experience.

13. What are some examples of modernist and populist syncretism in contemporary music?

14. Is anal sex annihilation? Extra points given for examples from your own experience.

15. Is the insurrecto-sexual manifesto a viable mode of flirtation? Extra points given for examples from your own experience.

16. What is the likelihood, in your opinion, that one or all of the lecturers will end up in prison in the next five years? Explain your reasoning.

17. How do you think the lecturers’ experiences of transsexuality, queerness, poverty, and depression have affected their worldview?

18. Rate each lecturer’s level of pretentiousness, on a scale of one to ten.

19. How does this make you feel?

Again, responses can be sent to: kaleandglitter [at] riseup [dot] net for um, grading.


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