Arsonists target sex-shops in Thessaloniki

December 14, 2009

Another sex-shop became a target of arsonists n the early hours today in Thessaloniki. The shop is sited on Dragoumanou str. In Agiou Dimitriou area and at its entrance gas canisters were placed which inflamed. From the fire, damages were caused to a parked car also and the fire was extinguished by a taxi driver who was passing by who stopped when he saw the flames getting up. It is the second incendiary device that was put at a sex-shop in the last few days in Thessaloniki.

The communique found on indymedia.athens (

The problem is everywhere. We are pent when all things next to us are priced even ourselves. Our bodies alone and as carriers of an act are products for consumption. Commercial society is established for products around us. Life wavers between humiliation and degradation. With the diffusive authoritarian notion floating above us, a manager has been invented for pleasure. Capitalism, industry of spectacle, model figuration, subjection of human.

The reproduction of sexism, even if done systematically, seems minor in front of the total sickness of today’s society if we think about it. Patriarchy may be a very old and small sample of the authoritarian complex but it hasen’t stop playing a role in the formation of the morality of today’s authoritarian world.
We targeted the sex-shops in order to reveal the role of the sexual spectacle industry in all the above-mentioned. An industry relatively new but that doesn’t differ a lot from the most. With hierarchy and competitiveness, with golden profits and well-payed stars, and on the other hand the well hidden tyranny of coercion. Behind the facades of these shops there is no sexual liberation. Behind those facades what is concentrated is another part of miserable reality; that of pleasure with a price.
On the early hours of Friday 13/11 we put an incendiary device with gas canisters at the shop belonging to the chain-stores ”Eros” at Giannitson and Anagenniseos corner and on the early hours of Tuesday 17/11 we did the same at the sex-shop ”Dreams” at Dragoumanou str. in the area of the new railway station. We crumbled windows and caused other damages like at parked car in the second case by accident. These things happen though in guerrilla warfare.
Refusing this world of exploitation also means refusing the given social roles. The conscience of unfairness is the beginning of a war. Infused with hatred only we can march to the revolution. Threw destruction for creation. With antiauthoritarian action till we see the society liberated.
Anarchists for the intensification of social antagonism

This piece has got me thinking more about what the proliferation of sexual insurrection could look like. The attack is an attack on a form of violence that imposes gender and sexual order. If the images produced by the spectacle are not given the chance to reproduce then it can free our ability to create a relationship not based on an image

With the communizing of sex and sexuality we will be able to find within, a place where porn does not hold the precedent for learning how to fuck and what a body is.  With this communization we may find our first real strike against the commodification of bodies and the patriarchal control of bodies.

We must fight against the spectacles reproduction of sexual images.



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