“What’s better than sitting on fetlife uploading photo’s of your freshly blackened ass.
Miss Filth and Glitter holding the cane that bruises your pretty cheeks.

Come out to UWMilwaukee room 344 this October 30th at 7pm for a night of mischief, BDSM, queers, theory, and orgies. Miss. F&G will talk on renewed considerations for BDSM and Queerness as a form of bio-political resistance, and the use of orgies and play parties to build stronger friendships.

Don’t forget you safe word.”

Now we do know that we are speaking this weekend but we need to dispell some rumors first.

+Giorgio Agamben is NOT going to be there. As you may know since he is unwilling to give his bio-metrics to the goverment, he is thus not allowed in our country.

+The Marquise De Sade is NOT inside one of Filth’s submissive. He was busy and thus could not join us for the lecture. Though he may still be at the play party.


Good, now that the rumours have been dispelled we can get back to business. Other than a talk this will be the first appearance of Guy Hocquenghem’s “To Destroy Sexuality” in zine format. Which can beĀ  gotten at the lecture or downloaded from this site now. To Destroy Sexuality Enjoy! We know you will.

See you this weekend,
Miss Filth and Miss Glitter.

P.S. The greek anarchist are coming, as you may know Glitter went to greece last december to keep morale up by fucking the queer into them with their glitteriest of dildos. Because of this they now has small stable of queer greek anarchist who follow them everywhere, so of course they will be at the talk.


This Sat. Filth will be speaking from 3-4:20pm at the University of Chicago during Queery (http://queery.uchicago.edu/). The title of the conversation is “May the insurrection cum on your face/fuck your pretty anus”*.


We here at Filth And Glitter PSA are proud to announce our newest zine “A love letter to an anonymous stone thrower” written by well who cares.
Love Letter

With a black and blue heart,
Filth and Glitter

Queers Gettin Ig’nant

October 7, 2009

Here some of our pretty little creatures gettin oh so ig’nant on Pitt City

This Filthy World!

October 7, 2009

Welcome naughty children of the future. We intend here at the Filth and Glitter Public Sex Academy (agenda?) to educate our young queer minds. Mainly about the potentialities that could be had just by destroying our political bodies and proliferating the politics of our bare life. In hopes to move towards the recombination of zoe and bios

Come now and hold hands as we find the places choicest for our sweet destructive beings.